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Are you looking for a license tree service because you want to improve the appearance of your trees or to maintain them? Ramos Brothers Tree Services & Landscaping LLC is the company you should choose for the job. I am conveniently based in Fredericksburg, VA and serve residential and commercial clients in the area. Whether you need someone to ensure regular maintenance for your trees or to cut them safely, I’m the person who can do the job. Discover more services that I offer by reading below!

My Services

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

As a certified arborist, I provide expert and affordable tree cutting service that put safety, effectiveness, and the maintenance of your property’s aesthetics first. Please note that in terms of its affordability, this is only conditional for each client. I carefully examine the situation, identify any risks, and use the most appropriate techniques to safely remove trees of any size, thanks to my comprehensive knowledge of tree anatomy and years of expertise. Whether it’s because of disease, unwelcome growth, or storm damage, I execute each tree removal project accurately and competently.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

With my professional tree trimming services, you may improve your trees’ appearance, well-being, and safety. I encourage healthy growth, preserve the ideal tree structure, and use careful pruning and trimming methods to eliminate dangerous branches. I sculpt and shape your trees to produce an aesthetically pleasing landscape while protecting their vitality with an eye for aesthetics and a thorough understanding of tree biology. You may prolong the life of your trees, reduce dangers, and make an inviting outdoor space.

Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance

A well-kept and colorful yard needs constant care and attention to detail to stay that way. As a committed tree specialist, I provide thorough yard maintenance services to keep your outdoor area immaculate. I handle the chores that keep your yard looking its best, such as routine mowing and edging, weed control, and fertilizing. I make sure that every flower bed is spotless and every blade of grass is correctly clipped, thanks to my painstaking technique, which is adapted to the particular requirements of your landscape.

Cutting Grass

Cutting Grass

My grass cutting services are made to give you the pride of having a beautifully maintained lawn, which is the highlight of any property. I methodically cut and trim your lawn using professional-grade tools and a keen eye for detail to produce a tidy, even, and aesthetically pleasing finish. I evaluate variables, including grass species, height, and seasonal concerns to promote optimum growth and a healthy-looking lawn. You may enjoy the beauty of a perfectly groomed lawn while saving time and work by hiring my grass cutting services.



With my professional mulching services, you may improve your garden beds’ sustainability, health, and look. Mulch serves as a shield, insulates plants, retains moisture, kills weeds, and enhances soil health. I carefully apply the ideal layer to your garden beds using various high-quality organic mulch materials, considering the particular requirements of your plants and scenery. By hiring my mulching services, you not only improve the appearance of your garden.

Other Services:

  • Driveway Decoration
  • Power Washing
  • Tree and Flower Planting
  • Tree Decoration

Place You Trust in Me!

As a licensed tree expert, I provide experience, knowledge, and a dedication to excellence for each service. By booking my services, you can be sure that your tree-related needs will be met with the utmost consideration for the well-being and appeal of your property. Discover the difference a committed tree expert can make.

For Bookings

If you would like to book my reliable tree service, please call my number. Let me know which services you would like to book. Then please wait for your free estimate, and let me know which schedule you want.

Areas Served:

I don’t just serve in Fredericksburg, but we also serve in the following areas:

  • Lee Hill District, VA
  • Lake Of The Woods, VA
  • Hartwood District, VA
  • Aquia Harbour, VA
  • Garrisonville District, VA
  • Spotsylvania, VA
  • Stafford, VA
  • Ladysmith, VA
  • Mineral, VA
  • Louisa, VA
  • Nelson, VA
  • Culpeper, VA
  • Caroline, VA

Whenever you need a trusted tree service specialist in Fredericksburg, VA, call Ramos Brothers Tree Services & Landscaping LLC today!

Client Testimonials

Highly Recommended Expert!

I live alone with three dogs that have been with me for years. Although I know how to cut trees myself, I can't do it alone with three dogs running around because I don't want them injured in case the tree falls down. With this specialist's affordable tree cutting service, I felt confident and reassured that my dogs are with me and the trees are handled by an expert. With him, I felt confident that no harm will happen to my property or dogs. Thank you!

Ramos Brothers Tree Services & Landscaping LLC
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Phone: (540) 623-8728


  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Cutting Grass
  • Mulching
  • Driveway Decoration
  • Power Washing
  • Tree and Flower Planting
  • Tree Decoration
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